Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Faithfully Mary, Mother of God

When we think about responding to God’s call, it is right to look toward Mary. Here was this young teenage girl, preparing for adulthood, facing the challenges of her time. She didn’t ask to be anyone special, nor did she think she was important. Mary was a simple girl, not overly ambitious, and extremely modest.

Her faith was in accordance with her knowledge of God, holy and fearful, never rebellious. She learned to trust God through His revelations from the prophets and in Scripture, namely the Old Testament. Mary had a relationship with God, and when His angel appeared to her, she believed. Her response was humble and pure, accepting her role in the plan of salvation. Mary agreed to be a servant for the greater glory of God.

We too must learn to serve for noble and right purposes. Service is God’s gift to us, as presented through His faithful followers like Mary, whom He chose to be His own Mother, and Jesus—our God who denied His own deity in humble service for the remission of our sins. Service for the greater glory of God therefore is not a choice, but a response of faith, in answer to God’s call in our lives.