Tuesday, July 21, 2009

God Made Creation Out of Nothing

When was the last time you felt creative? Do you remember the burning desire to make something new? There you were gathering the things you needed to beautify the garden, crochet a baby’s blanket, or simply cook dinner. Perhaps you were at work, contemplating the perfect words to use in that proposal that was going to mean big bucks for your company. The enjoyment of creation is exhilarating, isn’t it?

Without bursting your bubble, for indeed your creativity matters greatly in the scheme of things, think about all of creation now. Recognize a world that was created entirely out of nothing, for the sheer joy of putting it into existence. Feel the sense of awe and pleasure our creator must have for the things He alone has made.

We are loved so much, and because of that love, we are never abandoned! More than that though, we are dependent upon God, because He’s the one who made us. He’s the one who keeps our spirit alive and active in the rest of His creation.

Just as you are the master of all that you make, God is the Master of creation. You can choose to change your creation at will, or disregard it entirely. Surely you’ve experience frustration when your projects seem to take on a life of their own, and somehow turned out much differently than you expected. At what point did you step back and allow life to do what it will?

God makes life out of nothing, and life responds to the gift of being created. It is our calling to respect the God of all wisdom, and thereby gain spiritual freedom in spite of our sinfulness. If we open our hearts and listen to God’s voice, we will soon come to understand the power of Divine Love.