Monday, August 24, 2009

Man’s Justice: God’s Will vs. Our Will

I had a dream early this morning that has me thinking about many things, but especially about good vs. evil, and how it seems a lot of people get away with stuff, even when by all accounts, they shouldn’t. Our Catholic Catechism teaches that everything comes from love and God’s will triumphs over all. How are we to respond to this faith that requires so much from us?

As much as we stand up for truth and justice, we also are tempted to sin when doing so. Isn’t that what happened when they crucified the blasphemer, none other than Christ, our Savior? At what point do we accept our own inability to love as we are loved? Do we need proof that our actions bring about the change we try to create by them? Or do we accept the will of God, even if it doesn’t agree with our own? And if God’s will is different from ours, how do we respond?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catholic Catechism: Trusting God to Change Evil into Good

I have to admit, I struggle with this next lesson of the Catholic Catechism. It is simply stated, “We firmly believe that God is the master of the world and its history.” (CCC pg. 93) I think we all know God is our creator, but do we have enough faith, and it doesn’t require very much, to accept Him as the answer to our fate?

People struggle with good and evil all the time. We even do evil deeds on the pretense of changing things for the better, and serving God faithfully. This is my biggest issue. How can we bring harm to others in the name of serving God and doing His will? My answer is that we can’t, and therefore must actually be bringing judgment on ourselves. This probably means we are blinded by pride in the process, which is about as bad as it gets if you ask me.

Of course we can’t live in a vacuum either. We must plow through the challenges of life facing them head on, and that is too often the cause of our sinfulness. Again I struggle…

Do we trust God enough to believe that He will save us, when in spite of our love for Him we make the wrong decisions, thereby sinning against Him? Look no further than the wood of the cross, dear friend. And see the victim whose death has reconciled the world to Himself. Now that was as evil as it gets, crucifying God, and yet salvation was born from the sinfulness of man.