Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thoughts on Catechism’s Chapter 1: Resting in God

What is a restless heart? Can we define it by anxiety, depression, or indifference? How is it that we seek so much, only to never be fully satisfied? We work so hard from the moment we are born.

As babies we cry to communicate our needs. As children we learn the basics to be self sustained. As teens we discover who we were meant to be, and then go off to become that person. When we are adults, we accept our calling, hopefully with true commitment. Finally, when we die, we struggle to release our souls.

Life is a journey that has been gifted to us. We were loved into the world by our creator, and we have an opportunity to rest in God when He calls us home. In the interim, we are pilgrims, helping each other along the way.

Jesus often spoke about how children see the world. He even told us to be more like them. The Catholic Catechism reinforces our quest for God, because He alone is where we will find never ending truth and happiness. Our hearts must join in joyful praises to God in order to find everlasting peace.

There is much to be learned from people who let their hearts rest in God while on this earth. These authors share some of their stories: EMoore, Elizabeth Rowe.

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