Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thoughts on Catholic Catechism Chapter 1: Knowing & Speaking about God

Love multiplies. It never divides. In order to truly learn to love through reason, we must deny ourselves, and all of our selfish motives. It is only through this response to God’s love that we will be able to open our hearts to Him in faith.

We are born with an innate capacity to know God, our creator. Accepting His existence is not difficult, until we clutter our hearts with false wants and desires. These are deceits that lead us into sin, corrupting our very souls.

To know God is to recognize Him in creation. It is to see Him in everything around us, as a point of reference for the good in life. Self denial invites us to meet God in the most undesirable circumstances with compassion.

It is only by rising to the task, and discerning what God isn’t, that we are able to contemplate on who God is. He is not sin, and He never diminishes our capacity to love one another. God cannot be defined or expressed. It is through this mystery that we come to know and speak about God.

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