Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thoughts on Catholic Catechism Chapter 2: God Comes to Meet Man

We are seekers, always trying to find God. Isn’t it amazing then, that God Himself would lead us in the right direction? God not only reveals Himself to us, He also gives Himself to us through His only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came down to earth to communicate with us, and share His message as our God. He made it possible for us to respond to Him, true God and true Man, inviting us to get to know Him and love Him, not as mere creatures, but as divinely inspired souls aroused by the Spirit within us.

Jesus doesn’t come down from Heaven and beat us all into submission, declaring his deity, or demanding our praise. He spends whatever time it takes, slowly revealing Himself to us, allowing us to respond to Divine Revelation, each at our own pace, for the greater glory of God.

Orestes J. Gonzalez is an authority on God. He explains his own personal understanding of God stating, “The activity of understanding belongs to intelligent beings.”

Dossie M Terrell has written a beautiful poem expressing God’s willingness to always stand beside us, and daring us to believe in His goodness.

Ronald Holmes shares his insights on several ways of knowing God, by asking God to reveal Himself, through scripture, and other interesting ways of discovery.

Catholic catechism teaches that God loves us enough to come to us on our terms, knowing us better than we know ourselves. God wants us to have a relationship and communicate with Him. He makes it easy to do so, as He reaches out and meets us while we are still living our earthly journey.