Monday, June 8, 2009

Faithfully Responding to God’s Call

We are embarking on a new discussion as we begin to study Part I, chapter 3 of the Catholic Catechism. It is time to look inward and determine how we respond to God’s call in our lives. Up to this point, we have seen how God revealed the truth to us, through His Son, Jesus Christ. We learned how God meets us through creation, revelation, Tradition, and Sacred Scripture.

The question now becomes, how are we responding to God’s invitation to get to know Him and His way? Are we willing to obey the messages we hear from God, and act accordingly? Or are we timid and fearful, dreading the accusations of people? Do we respond in faith to the truth as we have learned it, or do we challenge that truth, in an effort to make our own lives easier?

Faith by definition is difficult. We are required to believe in things that we can’t see and science can’t explain. Is that a good enough reason to avoid it, and if it is, what are the consequences for doing so?