Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abraham’s Faith in God

Faith is a gift. Abraham received this gift in all of its fullness. He recognized his creator, and decidedly chose to follow God, even in the most obscure circumstances. Faith cannot be taken lightly, and it does not change on a whim, or when things are confusing and difficult. True faith allows you to trust the one you believe in, no matter what might happen.

Abraham was a true believer in God as he built the altar of sacrifice for his son, Isaac. He never doubted God’s word that he would become the “father of all who believe”, even though his wife Sarah did not readily conceive his children. It seems the only thing Abraham knew for certain is that God spoke to him, and he was to be faithful to the message he heard.

When I think about the story of Abraham, it makes me smile. There is a great reassurance that no matter how bad things might get, God will deliver me from my troubles. I understand that even though I can’t see the future, I have reason to hope. Sure, at first it seems almost cruel to put Abraham through such a trial, but on second glance, it shows that no matter what, there is reason to hope, believe, and trust in God. He will not abandon us, even if we abandon ourselves.