Monday, June 15, 2009

Characteristics of Faith: Freedom to Believe

Do you believe your Mom or Dad when they tell you something? What about your best friend? Can you trust them to keep their word and do what they say? Is it because they love you, and you know they’d never do anything to hurt you?

Of course you do because you have faith in them, right? You’re smart enough to know that what they say is true, even if they don’t offer physical proof to back it up. All you have to do is look at who these people are in your life, to know that they have your best interest at heart.

That doesn’t mean they will always agree with you. Sometimes it means they will tell you you’re wrong. And when they disagree with you, it’s not to be mean. Maybe they have more knowledge, and don’t want you to get hurt. Because you have faith in them, you have reason to believe what they tell you, even if you can’t readily verify it.

So it is with God. Through the gift of grace, He gives you the gift of faith to be open to His inspirations shared by the Holy Spirit. It is as reasonable and freeing to believe what God reveals to you as it is to believe what your parents and friends tell you, more so in fact, because all people have flaws, and God doesn’t.

Just as your heart flutters at great things, and is overcome with love, so your mind should respond logically to the gifts your heart receives. It is natural for your mind and heart to work together in an effort to benefit your character and soul. In fact, it is your freedom and choice to respond to the gift of faith logically and reasonably, knowing that the Spirit is willing within you.

Everyday miracles happen when we exercise the gift of faith. A. D. Bell recalls how God came to the rescue one day when she didn’t expect it.

Some people know how to say it in verse, and Jishi Santos sure has expressed our sentiments well today!

Freedom is often taken for granted. We have the right to believe because it makes sense. Robin-Christopher Stone addresses the concept of freedom, and reiterates that we are all one people.