Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Persevering in Faith

It is clear. We are free to believe in God. Sadly, some people choose not to, claiming freedom from all that might actually free them. This probably sounds like a harsh statement, however freedom is not a license to sin. True freedom is the act to persevere out of a need for the incomprehensible truths found only through belief in Jesus. Nothing has been hidden or made difficult. All has been revealed through the revelation of Christ, and it is up to us to live up to our calling as sons and daughters of God.

Sure, there will be trials, and our character will be tested. We have been warned that many will hate us because we are not truly of the world. Our very presence challenges those who don't believe, and we don't even have to open our mouths to do it. Faith is a choice, and
many witnesses to faith have paid the highest price for their beliefs. Shouldn't we at least live up to ours?