Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reflecting on Catholic Catechism: God’s Personal Invitation to You

God loves you enough to let you drive yourself crazy, and the relationship you accept from Him will be challenging, as it pushes you to be better and stronger with each passing day. You are never alone in this life, because He is always near. No rules or formulas will ever adequately express what Catholicism is all about, because no one can predict what will happen to the heart that is pierced by God.

As I sit here day after day, reflecting on the Catholic Catechism, going through it page by page, I feel a sense of peace. Each day, I am exposed to a little bit more of the faith I have come to know and love. The actual book of the catechism is written more like a textbook than a journal. It is a manual on what Catholicism is all about. The creeds too are bullet points on what Catholics believe. That’s why I must share this journey with you.

You see, Catholicism isn’t a lesson on how or why to believe in God. It is an invitation from God to His creation, to have a relationship with Him. Throughout all of time, man has been responsible for interpreting God’s message, and making it accessible to others. In the process, people have organized many ways proven viable to receive and accept God’s message.

However, as any true friend will tell you, strong relationships soon get past the awkward stage of following the rules of etiquette. It doesn’t take long to relax and be yourself with people you know you can trust. Relationships don’t fit into boxes, especially not the one you accept from God. Your life will be turned upside down, spun around, and even extremely frustrating at times, just like it is with all those people you love enough to let drive you crazy.