Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catholic Catechism: Is God a Man or a Woman?

Wow! God is sexless! He is not woman or man, but admittedly supreme in all aspects of sexuality. “We ought therefore to recall that God transcends the human distinction between the sexes. He is neither man nor woman; he is God.” (CCC p. 71) While we refer to him as Father, we do so as an endearing term so we can relate to Him. We recognize His authority as that of a parent (creator), and respect the order that naturally exist from the origin thereof.

Jesus and the Father are one. The Holy Bible and Catholic Catechism clearly state that it is only through the Son that one comes to know the Father. We must be faithful to the inspirations of the Spirit to commune with Jesus, and spend eternity with God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.