Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catholic Catechism: Liberals and the Faith

Your mind and body are one. Either entity cannot function on its own. As two completely unique features of your being, they share your life with others. But wait! There’s something missing! Their parts can’t work alone! They require more to be fully alive and one in time, space, and eternity!

Enter the Spirit of God! “By confessing the Spirit as he “who proceeds from the Father,” it affirms that he comes from the Father through the Son.” (CCC p. 73) Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He told the apostles that they would not be left alone. He assured them that His Spirit, the very Spirit of God, would lead them in the ways of truth, nothing less than Divine Revelation.

Our responsibility is therefore much greater than we realize. Our actions reflect acceptance or denial of the truth inspired by God, through the Spirit that gives us life. When we profess our faith, we need to be accurate in thought, word, and actions. Our faith is not to be dissected and taken in separate parts, misconstruing the realities of the whole. Picking and choosing is not an option, and distorting its truths publically is nothing less than blasphemy!

Politicians are good at this to further their own (hidden) agendas. They profess liberalism, when in fact all they are really doing is attacking the God who made them! The Church stands firm in her beliefs about the sanctity of life. Catholics who profess otherwise are liars, and should not desecrate the faith they claim to believe in. There is no such thing as a Catholic for abortion, nor would any real Catholic support politicians promoting it as a right!

The Spirit of God cannot mislead people, but free will often does. Liberty is not license. True freedom does not oppress anyone, least of all the weakest members of society. Recognizing our identity within the Church is critical if we are to overcome the temptations of this world. We are one in spirit, the very Spirit of God that claims us as His own. Denying that gift in part or whole, negates our understanding of truth, and impairs our relationship with the Holy Trinity, One God forever, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!