Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catholic Site Review: Catholic Treasury

In my search for links about Divine Providence today, I came across the most amazing internet site, Catholic Treasury. It is with great pleasure that I share this site with you, in an effort to give you better access to the Catholic Catechism, as well as a library of spiritual works.

Catholic Treasury is produced by a Catholic family layman. He explains the purpose of it simply. “So the purpose of this site is primarily to make these impeccable sources of saints, doctors of the Church and respected theologians available to Catholics (and all men of goodwill) looking for help on life's journey.”

He goes on to express his desires for those who visit, “May the fire that moved these writers to put pen to paper inflame the reader as he receives instruction. With the help of the Holy Spirit, it will happen.”

I am thrilled to have found this site, and I hope it will help you in your journey with the Lord.