Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All That Is Seen and Unseen

We believe in all that is seen and unseen. Ah, perhaps that’s why circumstances have a way of changing our plans when we least expect it. And yet, it gives us pause as we find a reason to hang onto hope and believe in things way beyond our knowledge or comprehension. It’s not that difficult really, when you think about it logically.

Do we need to know the intricate details of digestion to benefit from the food we eat? How do we learn that some food is bad for us, if not through the experience of our systems responding negatively? Sin has a negative effect on society, but more than that, its impact reaches far beyond what is seen and acknowledged when it happens.

The spirit of sin (that which cannot be seen) permeates throughout the world, infecting everything it touches. The effects are seen and often acknowledged, but rarely attributed to their true source. The symptom is often treated without learning its true cause, and sometimes hinders its rightful remedy from being discovered.

We believe in all that is seen and unseen, in everything that exists, and we are bound by faith because of it. We trust in the wisdom of the saints, the power of Heaven, and we cannot refute the impact of sin, or the consequences it imposes on us. Nor can we deny the Mercy of God which alone has the power to conquer evil in our midst.