Wednesday, February 17, 2010

God has a knack for getting our attention in different ways sometimes. He’s been letting me know that I need to keep up with this blog in subtle and not so subtle ways. I found myself exploring different things about my faith, some that I wouldn’t have thought twice about before. I also realized that faith is alive, not stagnant.

Anyone can write about Catholicism. Our job as Christians though, isn’t to report the facts as if they were part of the scenery. We are called to be the wind, flame and sense of humor that make Catholicism alive, sparking interest and faith that encourages dialog and teaches truth.

The purpose of this blog for me is to learn and share the Catholic Faith & Catechism in a new way. Sometimes that means taking what I’ve learned and applying it in different area of my life. One of the ways I’ve done this recently is by starting a Facebook group called Catholic Beliefs Explained last January. We have over 20 members already, and the conversation has been wonderful.

I also started a prayer group called Power of Prayer on Facebook at the same time. This is a non-denominational group that explores prayer in all of its forms, and prays for anyone with a request. There are currently 40 members in this group.

As for this blog, my next post will continue where we left off on page 98 of the Catechism. I will be posting it by tomorrow and continue to post regularly from here on out. Please accept this cordial invitation to join our Facebook groups. It is truly a pleasure to share my faith with you and I thank God daily for the opportunity.