Saturday, May 1, 2010

Conquering Evil and Dealing with Suffering

Evil has been conquered my friends. That’s the Good News we hear and know so well. Knowing it and doing something about it are two distinctly different things. I know 2 + 2 = 4, yet that doesn’t mean this equation changes my life at all. I apply and use it when necessary; I forget about it the rest of the time. Sometimes I even prefer using this equation: 3 + 1 = 4.

Knowing the Good News requires more than an automatic response from us. We cannot sit idly back and only apply it when we see no other alternative. We cannot substitute it to meet our own needs and desires. “There is nothing more opposed to the spirit of submissiveness (to God) than the worldly prudence that wants to see and examine everything.” (The Imitation of Mary, pg. 99)

As people, we are limited. We do not and never will have the power to become our own gods. The only way to deal appropriately with sin and suffering in our midst is to change our hearts with true conversion, accepting fully – not on our own terms, the love that brought forth the reality of the Good News in the first place. When this happens, our lives will undoubtedly change for the better, even during those times when suffering plagues us.

“For the “mystery of lawlessness” is clarified only in the light of the “mystery of religion.” The revelation of divine love in Christ manifested at the same time the extent of evil and the superabundance of grace.” (CCC pg. 108) Bad things happen and it is only by focusing on the complete fullness of God through faith, that we will maintain the courage, strength and endurance to overcome our fears, weaknesses and frustrations, allowing all things to work for good in our lives.