Friday, April 23, 2010

Breaking Bad Habits

Life becomes difficult and complicated when we turn down the opportunity to be who we are meant to be, “The “mastery” over the world that God offered man from the beginning was realized above all within man himself: mastery of self.” (CCC pg. 107)

We all know how this works. Who doesn’t have a bad habit they need to change or a vice they’d like to get rid of? Have any of us lived in denial or made lame excuses to avoid reality and consequences? Blame it on the human condition, but don’t give up your personal power to change who you are, by becoming who you want to be.

“The inner harmony of the human person, the harmony between man and woman, and finally the harmony between the first couple and all creation, comprised the state called “original justice.” (CCC pg. 107) “This entire harmony of original justice, foreseen for man in God’s plan, will be lost by the sin of our first parents (Adam and Eve).”

Goodness is the most natural part of our nature. Weakness defines who we really are. Consider someone with a short fuse who can’t control their temper. Before long they are defined by the actions that defeat their true purpose in life. They proceed to make excuses and minimize the impact of what they do, denying its affect on others.

Think about the pedophile that preys on young children. He does his evil deeds in secret, eagerly waiting for the perfect opportunity to harm another human being. Weakness turns into something uncontrollable, as more and more children are attacked. This man was not born to harm children; he simply gave up trying to master himself one day, until his weakness became stronger than his ability to maintain mastery of self.

Weakness is not the enemy in our lives. It is the opportunity to achieve our higher purpose by overcoming it. People make goals in life from the moment they are born. Who doesn’t know the thrill of overcoming everything to achieve something wonderful? Success stories are celebrated each time a child learns to walk, a teenager makes the varsity team, someone with cancer goes into remission and so many other beautiful life scenarios playing out everyday in our world. Each one is an act of conquering self where people unite with God, living up to the potential He alone gives them.