Thursday, September 6, 2012

Newsflash! Catholics Aren’t Perfect!

by M. J. Joachim

Without getting into a long, drawn-out, humiliating, tell-all confession of my personal sins, let me take a moment to state the obvious by telling you that Catholics aren’t perfect.  As if you didn’t already know…

Yet, being Catholic lends itself to all sorts of scrutiny and judgment from others. Hey, you didn’t really think I was just going to suck it up in that last post, and let Catholics be the fall guys for “name only” religious participants, did you?

We have certain criteria which makes us Catholic, and if you believe in Catholicism, you embrace the faith, even though (like most of us) you’re bound to struggle with a precept or two here and there.

Dare I mention Catholic discipline again? “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” I don’t believe the intent of this guideline was ever meant to harm or bully a child into blinded submission. Raising our children with iron fists could easily have the opposite effect, if you ask me. As parents, there’s no doubt we need to teach our children right from wrong. But are we teaching them how to follow Christ and live like good Catholics when we do it?

Many a Catholic hater enjoys pointing out every Catholic fault you can think of. Many a “name only” Catholic does the same thing. People are people. The Catholic faith is full of them, and the neat thing about it is, regardless of how we judge anyone else, being Catholic is still about how Catholics practice what we believe. Sometimes we’re as right as right can be. Other times, mmmm, not so much. 

Photo Credit: Wikicommons, Public Domain
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