Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Catholic Blog I’m Supposed to Write

by M. J. Joachim

Funny how God works sometimes….

I started this blog as one of those Catholics on a mission to share my faith. It was about me, and God decided to share a bit of reality with me instead. That took quite a while. Entries to this blog slowly declined and eventually quit for a long time. I hung on knowing the continuation of this blog was only a matter of time.

And then it happened. Blogger added new features. Change has a way of getting people to start working again…usually. So I made some changes – last May…

Every day I opened this blog and something kept holding me back. Perhaps it was the coldness of the idea – read, study, write about and preach the catechism. That’s not what being catholic is all about in my book. It never has been, which is probably why I’ve struggled so much with what I was taught about Catholicism all those years ago.

Oh, I read the next pages of the Catechism – spent quite a bit of time mulling them over too. It wasn’t working for me. I’m no theologian; I’m not an evangelist either. I’m someone who has struggled with my faith over the years, a person who used to live by the saying, “If that’s being Catholic, I want no part of it at all!” I’m the revert – the one who left the Church, only to crawl back and say, “I never knew …”

There are so many things I never knew, things that might have made it easier to be that cradle catholic I was supposed to be without question. These are the things I want to share with you on this blog, not the nuts and bolts, do or die rules of what it takes to be catholic. And now that I’ve off-loaded some of my head trash around it all, I believe it is time to start doing so.

Follow along with me, if you will. A journey like this is always better with more peopleJ

Until next time, I wish you only good things, kind friends, and look forward to when we meet again.

M. J. 

Photo Credit: Wikicommons, Creative Commons Attribution