Sunday, October 14, 2012

Creation’s Breath

by M. J. Joachim
Creation smiles unyielding
Amidst the treasury of sores
Pain and sorrow surrounding
Our world so full of wars

Cruelty holds its beauty
In a swift uncensored way
Revealing God’s creation
Life’s pain will have its say

Were it not for this,
Our God of love so fair,
We might have given up
Become creatures of despair

Each sorrow holds a memory
A lesson to be learned
Each victim is a treasury
Of gifts given in turn

At night the stars still brighten
Days bloom in all God’s glory
Amidst the bleak and trembling
God’s heart unveils our story

Life is not a mystery
As we might understand
It is a path of history
Toward God’s eternal plan

Unless we stop to see it
Every blessing for our heart
We’ll miss the gentle promise
Setting humankind apart

We are but a breath of God
A tiny speck of dust
Yet we are His creation
Promised with His trust

Journeying to meet God
Stumbling here and there
We do not understand it
Thinking God is one to fear

His voice seems ever silent
His hand is hard to hold
In a world so cruel and violent
With a Savior who was sold

Misunderstand the meaning not
Deny temptation’s plight
Yours is the heart He truly sought
To His, you must take flight

Until next time, kind followers, I wish you well!
M. J.

©2012 All Rights Reserved
Photo Credits: Creative Commons Attribution