Saturday, October 13, 2012

Joe Biden – Catholically Incorrect

by M. J. Joachim
Oh, I was so worked up about the VP debate the other night! I wanted to point my finger right back at Joe Biden and tell him what a mean old man I think he is. Believe me, my Facebook page got bombarded with shared posts about that entire scene. It was bad enough that he was rude and completely belligerent, but then he had the gall to profess his Catholic faith, as if he actually believes and lives by it!

In a backhanded statement, he declared war on unborn children, because he doesn’t feel right imposing his religion on a woman’s right to choose.

Say what?!

When did abortion become a Catholic issue?! All this time I thought it was a people issue. You know, the kind of thing where one group imposes its power over the other, just because it can. Women who don’t want to be pregnant declare superiority over unborn children, those little people who can’t stop themselves from being slaughtered by their mothers.

Abortion is an ugly, horrific, disgusting crime against humanity. It’s a worldwide debate on who we let live and who we choose to kill – parallel to slavery and the Holocaust, only worse. Since the 70’s, we’ve chosen to legally kill millions of people in America and throughout the world – we’ve justified it, soft-peddled it and flat out denied it!

That’s the one thing about being Catholic…

So much of the Catholic faith is about being human, having common sense and making choices that often agree with other people’s beliefs and opinions. It’s true, we have our own traditions and special celebrations – things that set us apart from other religions and make us different. But we also have a lot in common with other faiths, religions and people in general too.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Joe Biden isn’t a humanitarian, concerned with the well-being of millions of children suffering at the hands of others in America. Nor does it take a mathematician to understand that Obamacare will force all tax payers in this country to contribute, to the annihilation of those babies.

What it does take is a lot of brass big ones for Biden to sit on that stage and openly declare on national television that he is Catholic and his faith is very dear to him! For no Catholic in their right mind would side with a movement dedicated to the killing of innocent children, just to make a buck. And Catholics aren’t alone in this issue. Over 50% of Americans are proud to be pro-life, people of every race, creed, socio-economic background and more….people united for the good of ALL mankind, standing in unison against anyone willing to kill the least of our brothers!

Until next time, kind followers, I wish you well!
 M. J.

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