Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prophetic Messages

by M. J. Joachim
In studying the saints, I find
The messenger obscure
Relying on the soul of mind
Life’s problems to endure

For each in turn has reconciled
To God’s eternal plan
Because communing faithfully
Is better when you’re man

Social ills and prejudice
Church politics gone astray
Power, ego, status quo
A plight for every day

It’s not the messenger, said I
God’s will has sent so many
Decisions to ignore their words
Remains again uncanny

Prophets knew in Biblical times
Seers from all ages
Tis wise to look beyond our souls
Into the depths of pages

Declare the truths, proclaim them all!
Protect life’s innocent victims
Deny the messenger no more
Revoke our wicked systems!

©2012 All Rights Reserved
Photo Credit:  Geograph Project, ceridwen, Creative Commons Attribution License