Thursday, November 1, 2012

Catholic Bible E-Study Acts 2 Answers and Prayers for the Unborn

by M. J. Joachim

Answers for: Catholic Bible E-Study Acts 2

Just the Facts  

A/4, B/1, C/3, D/5, E/2

Fill in the Blank: 
1.  Last, days, Spirit, flesh
2.  Set, plan, foreknowledge
3.  Paths, life
4.  Speak, tongues, proclaim
5.  Temple, breaking, bread

True/False:  false, true, true, true, false, true, false, true, true, true

Games and Puzzles

Hidden words

and, ant, ants, ascend, ascends, asset, can, cane, canes, case, cases, cent, cents, dance, dances, date, dates, dean, deans, decade, decades, decent, deed, deeds, den, dens, dense, dent, dents, descend, descends, descent, end, ended, need, needs, sand, sane, scant, scene, scenes, scent, scented, scents, seat, seats, seed, seeds, send, sent, stand, stands, tan, tans, teen, teens, ten, tend, tended, tens, tense

Compound Riddles  

He was lawless.
A footstool

Word Association


Praying for the Unborn

Today is All Saints Day in the Catholic Church. Let us remember all those little angels, who never had a voice here on earth, and pray with all the saints in Heaven for an end to abortion.

Happy All Saints Day, kind followers,

M. J.

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