Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yardwork Meditation

by M. J. Joachim
I spent the morning in the garden today. My yard is a work in progress, the garden being my favorite part. Before I could get to the actual gardening, the mesquite tree desperately needed some branches trimmed – again…we have a love/hate relationship, that tree and I do.

So here I am reaching up and grabbing those knotty branches and pulling them waaayyy down so I can clip them. It’s a tedious chore at best, but the wood will be kept for winter fires, so this time, I’m not too bother by it.

However, part of keeping the wood means trimming off the little green branches that are sprouting all over the place. Before I knew it, I was deep in thought.

Those little knots all over each branch are pretty cool, especially since they grow trios of little green off-shoots, each covered in itty bitty needles.

Yes, I’m going there…

The Trinity and people clinging to it, needing and being dependent on the gift of life from its source…

As if that was the ending. Not at all, because then you look at the branches, and then you look at that big, solid trunk that’s been there for years.

I didn’t expect to think about God’s mysteries while working in the yard today. I’m not sure why not, because it happens every time, especially when I’m just quietly going about my business, not stressed, but definitely focused on getting a few things done.

That’s all for now, kind followers. Until next time, I wish you every good thing J

M. J.

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Photo Credit: M. J. Joachim