Saturday, September 22, 2012

Enlisting a Mother’s Help to Pray for America

by M. J. Joachim
Mary is the Mother of Jesus. This is nothing new and shouldn’t surprise anyone. No one else was chosen to give birth to God, so it makes sense that Mary is held in high esteem by Catholics, as well as many other people practicing different Christian faith denominations throughout the world.

When someone receives an honor, it is only right that they receive all elevation and respect, which justifiably goes with the honor they receive. Again, it makes sense that Mary is highly regarded among Christians. After all, no other woman will ever be as close to Jesus as Mary is. She carried Him in her womb, which is about as close as any human being can possibly get to another in my book. Having carried three children myself, I can tell you without a doubt, no one has ever or will ever get that close to me. These little babies literally grow inside you and kick you from the inside out, for Heaven’s sake!

Speaking of which, Mary is a mother…hellooo...

Like that doesn’t automatically come with the special privilege of being able to influence the children we give birth to!!! Mothers have built in radar too! We know exactly what buttons to push to get our children to listen up and do what we want them to.

Now I’m not suggesting Mary would ever resort to piling on the guilt trips or taking Jesus by the ear or anything, but I definitely believe she knows how to ask Him for a favor, and based on what I know of their relationship, I’m pretty certain Jesus will find it pretty difficult to refuse her when she does.  I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the power of moms and the positive ratio to percentage when they need to enlist their child to do something…

…which is why I’m asking all of you, kind followers to consider the following information and what you want to do about it.

On September 14, 2012, EWTN distributed a press release inviting people to pray a special novena titled, “Novena to the Mother of God for the Nation” in which Catholics are encouraged to pray, and ask Mary to intercede on America’s behalf, asking Jesus to help us during this difficult time in our nation’s history.
The novena will take place from September 29 (Feast of the Archangels) to October 7 (Feast of the Most Holy Rosary). EWTN provides free downloads of this special novena which can be found here.

Novenas are prayers offered in nines. In other words, they are groups of prayers that can be offered for nine consecutive hours, days, weeks, months etc. This particular novena will be prayed for nine consecutive days, with a special prayer being offered each day. Many novenas have an introduction prayer included on the first day and a closing prayer offered at their conclusion.

EWTN hopes that people will share this novena with as many people as possible, one of the reasons I’m sharing it with you. I’m also sharing it with you because I truly believe in the power of prayer, and to be honest, the United States of America needs all the help it can get right now!

Please join me in sharing this novena with as many people as possible and praying for America during this very critical time in our history. Thank you kind followers and may God bless you richly for your efforts.

Wishing you only good things, as always,
M. J. 

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