Monday, September 24, 2012

Let the Children Come

by M. J. Joachim
“Let the children come to me, let the children come…”

We sang these verses during Mass yesterday, and they’ve been humming along in my brain ever since. I thought about them on and off all day; they interrupted me when I attempted to focus on another Being Catholic blog post for today. They were there when I walked the dog and took him to the vet this morning. Even the radio in the car didn’t seem to change the tune in my head, nor did the background t.v. noise when I worked on a new crochet pattern.

These words are IMPORTANT!!! They must be, and I need to write about them today.

But what do I say? How do I approach such a vague and fairly broad topic?

“Jesus likes children. He likes them a whole lot. You heard the readings yesterday. They talked about how Jesus included children in His lessons…but not to teach them; rather, Jesus let children teach us.” My silent brain encouraged me all day long with tidbits like this.

So why do we kill the messenger??? Everyone knows you’re not supposed to kill the messenger!!!


May have lost you with that last one…

It’s just that Jesus was a messenger about the Kingdom of God (Yes, I know Jesus is God too – no disrespect intended when I call Jesus a messenger…He is the Word, and if that’s not a message, I’m not sure what else might qualify). Jesus told us time and time again that we need to approach the Kingdom of God like children do. So wouldn’t that mean that children are messengers who teach us how to get to Heaven?

Time to dive right in!!!
I’m going there…
Step right up folks!
The water is positively…


Now if I were the devil and I wanted to brainwash the average person into believing that children weren’t special or valued by God, I’d certainly find a convincing way to do it. It doesn’t take a genius to write this script…only a lesson in history.

I’d start by promoting a woman’s ego and individuality. I’d put a bug in her ear so big, she’d need forceps to dismantle the critter, tear it to pieces and get rid of it altogether. Then I’d tell her it was nothing…no big deal, just a bunch of cells that grew in there and didn’t mean anything.

Once I did that, I’d plant a seed to get her thinking about how powerful she really is, and that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her body is hers and she should definitely control what grows in it, and determine if it has a right to live or not.

She’d keep picking away at her ear, unable to escape the brutal consequences of what that devil was really telling her. She’d become indignant with the thought of allowing her body to be used for anything other than her own selfish purpose, and she’d stand with that devil in the fight to kill the messenger!!!

It’s a brilliant plan, when you think about it. Bombard women everywhere with the idea that children are aliens and foreign objects, only meant to grow into babies if we let them.


Women aren’t all powerful, and not one of them came into this world without first being a baby in their mother’s womb…

Let the children come…

Just don’t let them grow up to become killers of future generations of children.  Just don’t confuse them once they get here, and let them be minions of the devil. Just speak the truth louder – until you break their eardrums if you have to – so they know without a doubt that life begins at conception, because if it didn’t, no woman would ever get pregnant and give birth to a baby again.

Babies would end up on the endangered species list and quite possibly become extinct!!!

Imagine a world without children, if you dare. Then imagine that devil gloating, because we’re guilty of the same sin of pride that cast him to the depths of the netherworld. All powerful…not a chance, and don’t think for a minute our choices, lack of interest and arrogance won’t catch up with us, especially in a society that refuses to let the children come and grace us with their presence.

Until next time, kind followers, may the smiles of many children warm your heart!

 M. J.

©2012 All Rights Reserved
Photo Credit: Wikicommons, Public Domain