Friday, October 5, 2012

Catholic Marriage: A Cinderella Story – hmmm, maybe...

by M. J. Joachim
I’ll be honest. Making a marriage last for years (and hopefully forever) isn’t one of the easier tasks I’ve ever attempted. Thank God for saints like Teresa of Avila and Therese whose cherished words have come in handy almost every step of the way. Things like, “As much as you have to put up with others, they have to put up with you.” Or, “God, why do you treat yourself so poorly?” God’s reply, “Ah, but this is how I treat my friends.”  Please don’t give God a bad rap on that last one. Stepping in mud puddles is hardly what we can consider lightning bolts blasting us for our sins.

{Commentary like these certainly have a way of putting things into perspective…and humbling the (would be) complainer, now don’t they?}

So many girls grow up with their Cinderella dreams. What they seem to forget is that Cinderella worked her tail off, all the while keeping a positive attitude about disheartening circumstances each time they appeared. Little things were way down the list when it came to her deepest and truest sighs, and being selfish…

Well, she certainly didn’t have any time to invest in the pleasures of vanity or relaxation from what I remember in the story…

Enter Prince Charming, fully armored with…well, charm…

And ego + a healthy dose of pride {the kind that makes him capable of taking care of a wife and family – not the arrogant, rude and belligerent sort of thing at all}.

Cinderella is a princess, by all means…

However, she’s not the least bit prissy, and has probably given new meaning to the word, “Herculean.”

Cinderella is no fading flower by any stretch of the imagination.


Putting ourselves and others in proper perspective, that’s one of the key things that will make a marriage thrive. Once we have a little PROPER perspective, it’s easy to build each other up, pick up the slack and develop a life together as one –

Two people become one…

They don’t give up themselves when they do it. They enhance their individuality because they do it. They encourage and allow each other to bloom and blossom in ways they never could without each other. This takes hard work. It requires looking at and addressing the “uglies” each of us have in our lives – you know, all that head trash that would bury us if we let it.

Sometimes it’s about being patient when you want to ring your spouse’s neck. Other times, it’s about looking in the mirror, instead of pointing fingers at your better half.

Best of all by far are those times when you can relish the moment saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” The perfect moment for enjoying each other’s company, renewing your commitment, and recognizing the gift of being married to your best friend!

Yes, I know a little bit about this one, good people. My husband and I just celebrated 20 years together, and wild horses couldn’t keep either one of us from doing it all over again. Life is good!

Until next time, kind followers, I wish you well!

M. J.

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