Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Work of My Hands

by M. J. Joachim
For a few days now, I’ve been thinking about hands…

God’s hands, your hands, artists hands, crafters hands, gardeners hands…

My hands…

They are merely tools, and half the time, I don’t know how they do what they do. They seem to work automatically most of the time.

Like plants growing in a garden, or weeds growing randomly – even in cement.

They just do what they do, and it’s all good...

Well, okay, not all of it…

Circumstances, temptation and limits seem to interrupt the good our hands would do at times.

I was working on special projects for the upcoming season while watching t.v. again today. There was a movie in instant queue I’ve been avoiding watching for quite some time called Unspeakable Acts. Part of me really wanted to watch it, but another part told me it was sure to break my heart. I’m glad I watched it, because the educational value was important to me. Yes, my heart was deeply affected by the story also.

The movie was about child predators and their victims; it was based on a book published several years ago. Thankfully, it didn’t exploit the circumstances by showing graphic scenes about what happened to the children. Instead, the topic of pedophiles and their victims was given a platform to raise awareness about things like this in our communities.

The intensity of topics like this is almost too much to bear for one’s heart. I’m glad the work of my hands kept me from focusing directly on the movie, and distracted me from parts of the story revealed.

This type of stuff is extremely disturbing – as it should be!

If you’re not disturbed by this stuff, you might want to talk to someone about your lack of emotion to it.

Back to the work of my hands now…

None of it happens without cooperation from my mind, and none of that happens without cooperation from my nervous system, which then goes on to depend on my…skeletal and circulatory systems…everything working together for the common good of all things in my body – and outside of my body too!

Things I produce do not happen by chance. They happen because I follow the inspiration, direct the path (carved out by more inspiration) and ultimately end up with something to show for it, or not.

Credit me not, good people! Credit me not!

Half the time, I couldn’t tell you where an idea came from, let alone how I figured out it was good enough to turn into a production!

This one belongs to God, and God alone!

And yet I know, somewhere deep within me, God has found a quiet place to rest. It is through His constant goodness that I find strength when I feel weak, love when I feel rejected, hope when I feel worn down, courage when I’m scared to death…

These feelings are completely normal and natural to experience. We do so frequently throughout our lives.

One of my all-time favorite books is called The Shack. It’s about missing children and how God takes care of them throughout their ordeal. It’s about a father coming to terms with his broken heart, because his child is one that ended up missing. It’s about facing nightmares, dealing with horrors and knowing you’re never alone, because God is always there in your midst, taking care of you.

I’ve never doubted this during my life. I’ve wanted to at times, but never could quite bring myself to do so. When we witness and experience bad things, up close and personal, it’s natural to say, “God doesn’t really care about me.” It’s not true, but it’s perfectly natural. It’s even normal to get mad at God for letting us get hurt.
The process of dealing with life’s wounds and battle scars is not easy. God knows this!

He also knows there is no one more qualified than you, to deal with the wounds and battles scars you face throughout your life.

God loves us! He gives Himself to us in so many different ways – all the time!

Sometimes it’s through the work of our hands, minds and spirits working together. Sometimes it’s by experiencing breathtaking beauty in nature – or through the work of someone else’s hands. 

Sometimes it’s during those peaceful moments when we literally consume Him into our very being, through His gift of Holy Communion.

It’s not God who is absent from the world, dear people. 

It is us!

Until next time, kind followers, I wish you well!
M. J.

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