Friday, January 18, 2013

Catholic Popes: Pope Alexander I (Our 6th Pope)

by M. J. Joachim
One of the things that strikes me most about our earliest popes is that legend and myth often fill in the blanks. So it is with Pope Alexander I, where each source I turn to for reference begins making claims about him, only to assure us, these attributions have been refuted and proven unreliable.

In truth, we simply don’t always have strict documentation about much of the earliest formation and growth within the Church, complete with detailed biographies of all the popes and how they advanced Catholicism during their reign.

Pope Alexander I is a pope, by all accounts, that we know very little. We do know that the Romans weren’t very fond of him at all; he was jailed by them – though if this happened during his papacy or not remains a mystery. During his stay in jail, Pope Alexander I is said to have miraculously converted his jailer, along with his jailer’s daughter (Quirinus & Balbina) – both of whom became recognized saints in the Catholic Church. St. Quirinus and St. Balbina are among numerous converts attributed to Pope Alexander I, who was also declared a saint in our church.

It can reasonably be stated then, that Pope Alexander I fulfilled his duties as pope by converting people to the faith, and ensuring consistency within the faith.

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M. J.

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