Friday, February 1, 2013

Reflecting on Spiritual Writings of Thomas A. Kempis

by M. J. Joachim
Simple, easy to understand and internalize – food for the soul…

This is how to describe the literary works of Thomas A. Kempis.

The first book I ever read of his is Imitation of Christ. I didn’t read it though. I slowly flipped through it, pondered seemingly miniscule parts and devoured entire segments. I used it for daily meditation, evening prayers and peaceful slumber after a long and tiresome day.

Then I discovered Imitation of Mary, similar to Kempis’s first book, yet different too. Years later, I stumbled across Meeting the Master in the Garden. I haven’t picked it up in quite some time; last night, I was drawn to it. My bookmark was on the chapter titled, Hauling.

It’s been a long week, and I was more than ready to do a bit of hauling. Within minutes I was completely disarmed. Perhaps you will be too.

Quotes from Master in the Garden, Hauling, by Thomas A. Kempis:
  • So now I can put it to you, my brother in Christ, would you do anything to hurt each other? Who would deliberately lay low another with a word or a deed?
  • One God has created us all, fed us and set our course, called us to one and the same beatitude; and he renews that call daily.
  • Pick up a fallen friend, and guess who’ll pick you up next time you fall? God himself.
  • If you rightly judge and intend to correct your neighbor, begin with yourself. And then proceed with your neighbor, but do it without commotion.
  • Actually, the person who prays for another as he prays for himself accomplishes quite a bit.

If you haven’t discovered Kempis and his literary works, I highly recommend them. His words are uncomplicated, spiritual guidance, easily transformed into rich nutrition for one’s heart, mind and soul.

Best of Friday and the weekend to you, dear people. Until next time, I wish you every good thing.

M. J.

Photo credit: Thomas A. Kempis on Mount Agnes, PD - US
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