Friday, February 8, 2013

Deep Cleaning, Healing and Letting Go

by M. J. Joachim
It was one of those rare opportunities, the kind that only comes along every few years. A couple of huge dumpsters were placed on our street, but only for three days. The city calls it their “clean sweep” movement. Personally, I couldn’t appreciate it more.

Quite a few pieces of weathered, large debris – the kind you need a truck to haul to the dump, had piled up on the side of the house. My garage had become a catch-all, because honestly, I couldn’t live with all that stuff crowding me out of my house.

As I sorted through so many things yesterday, getting rid of oodles of stuff – broken from boxes that had tipped over, aged and worn to the point of no return, damaged or completely outdated and useless anymore, I couldn’t help but wonder why I procrastinated so long to do this.

So many items and baskets of debris, thrown in the dumpster by neighbors, while a few people with vans and trucks did their part to salvage what they could.

Then, last night, after the work was done, and I was sorer than I thought could be possible from my day of physical labor, my mind turned to the cobwebs in our souls.

How is it that we cling to so much head trash? Is there ever a time when we logically decide to throw it all away, let it be picked up by those who follow us, people still in need of salvaging something from the wreckage? Is there ever a time when we can reasonably distance ourselves from the pain (and we all have pain, you know), move on and not look back?

Some people call this closure. I don’t need to give it a name. Those dumpsters only come along every couple of years or so, and when they do, we need to take advantage of them.

I had a choice yesterday – clean the garage or sit at my computer. Hemming and hawing, after writing 2 posts for a couple of other blogs and doing some blog hopping, I sluggishly walked toward the door, opened it, looked inside and started cleaning. The dumpster gets picked up today, so procrastinating was not an option anymore.

We have a choice every day. There are times when we need to hang onto our wounds – nurse them, learn from them. There are also times to let them go, release them to the other forces, discard them and cease to give them power to weigh on our hearts, minds and souls.

That’s all for now kind followers,

Until next time, I wish you every good thing.

M. J.

Photo credit:  Payatas Dumpsite, Manila, Philippines, Kounosu, GNU Free Documentation License

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