Thursday, May 30, 2013

Big 10 Countdown - #4 & Random Acts of Kindness Blog Hop, Day 4

by M. J. Joachim

Thou Shalt Keep Holy the Sabbath Day

Catholics keep the Sabbath holy by attending Mass on the weekend. One hour or so is devoted to God through the attendance of Mass on Sunday. Of course, we have our share of Christmas & Easter Catholics, as well as those who only go to Mass when they really want or feel the need to. There are plenty of Catholics who go to daily Masses too.

Keeping holy the Sabbath shouldn’t be as much about routine and habit, as it should be about loving God, which results in loving others. It should be about engaging in our relationship with God, as opposed to putting Him off in some strange Tabernacle, only to be taken out on Sunday for an hourly visit.

Keeping something holy is more than rote actions, required by church mandates. It is a frame of mind, an act of will and desire and a willing purpose.  Therefore, keeping holy the Sabbath day requires more than giving up an hour of one’s time on the weekend, if that is even possible for some people. After all, work and family obligations get in the way at times. No guilt need blast the soul tending to necessities, all the while putting God first in his life.

Random Acts of Kindness Blog Hop

Today’s Random Acts of Kindness is all about promoting fellow bloggers and sharing the love in Blog Land. I recently launched a Blog Hopper Marathon feature on my site. Using running as the backdrop, I’m hosting blog hop races to encourage people to visit and comment on other blogs, all while having fun competing against each other.
Today I hosted my first Blog Hopper Marathon Long Jump, requesting people to compete to get others to comment on a friend’s blog. It’s a pay it forward type scenario and I’m hoping lots of bloggers join in on all the fun.

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