Saturday, June 1, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness Recipient – Here’s the Story

by M. J. Joachim

It is interesting to note that I was the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness on the last day of the RAK Blogfest. So instead of writing about it, I experienced it firsthand.

It was one of those dreaded early morning phone calls…the kind that throws your world upside down, punches you in the gut and makes you gasp for air before you realize you’re really on the phone and this is not part of the dream you’re coming out of. Yea, I received one of those yesterday, about my mom. She’s pretty sick these days and your prayers for her would be very much appreciated.

I was in the process of emailing back and forth with a fellow blogger, because he won a couple of Blog Hopper Marathons on my Writing Tips blog. Winners have their names listed in the Blog Hopper Marathon Hall of Fame and receive one full post, all about them.

After the first general post, my idea was to find out a bit more in depth information about him for the second and third post. So we were emailing back and forth, and I was due to send him some interview questions sometime yesterday, the earlier the better so he had time to answer them and they could go live this coming Monday.

As it turned out, I received a phone call sending my mind and heart in a blur, making it difficult at best to organize my thoughts enough to figure out the right questions to ask, let alone do the appropriate web searches to help me do so. I ended up sending an email to my friend, alerting him to the situation about my mom, letting him know that in lieu of sending interview questions I would appreciate it if he would send me whatever he could – pics, personal tidbits, background info etc., and letting him know that if he would do this, I would come up with a really nice post for Monday.

I did the same thing regarding his post for next Wednesday, sending him a brief paragraph about what I was looking for, so I could do the write up, which will focus on him being an author and the journey he took to get there.

My friend sent me a brief note telling me he was sorry about my mom and letting me know that he would send everything I requested as soon as possible. By the end of the day, not only did I have all the information I requested, but it was completely written, pics included and ready to be drafted into two posts. My friend didn’t want me to worry or stress about anything, listened to how I wanted to create these posts and created them according to my wishes for my blog – spur of the moment, on the fly.

I really hadn’t had much opportunity to see this side of Alex J. Cavanaugh before. He was always a curious blogmeister, the guy who helped other bloggers on his blog and visited more blogs than many of us think possible. For the most part, Alex was an enigma – a blogging machine, and by all accounts, a very busy guy in my mind.

Opportunity often has the means of exposing us to things we might never see otherwise. Alex took this opportunity to become my friend, and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you, Alex.

Thank you for visiting Being Catholic.

M. J.

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