Friday, June 7, 2013

Big 10 Countdown - #2 + A Great Blogging Community

by M. J. Joachim

Thou Shalt Not Worship Idols or False Gods

Money, power, people, work, toys – you know, the big ones like homes, cars, prestige, vanity and celebrity status…all those things that make our egos float us right out of reality, while some unsuspected savage waits in the shadows to bursts our bubble, if indeed it is able to pop.

Way back in biblical days, they worshiped Greek and Roman gods; then they idolized golden calves and all sorts of images, sometimes going so far as to make them grand and glorious and pleasing to the “spirit” behind the image.

These days we worship people mostly. We covet popularity, forgetting the importance of wisdom and common sense. Then we wonder why so many celebrities crash and burn. We feel for them, only to attach to their drama for gossip’s sake.

Drugs are another thing we worship, sex and alcohol too. Party on, and forget your troubles in a hurry. Getting numb, becoming irresponsible…who needs to be coherent anyway? Everybody does it, so why not get drunk, stoned or numb to fit in?

I can think of a few reasons…

A Great Blogging Community

The kindness of the blogging community truly amazes me. The other night, I was particularly down – it’s hard not seeing my mom, even though I know it’s best right now. I’ll visit her when the time is right, probably after she goes home from the hospital, which could be a while yet. She needs time and rest to heal right now, and with eight kids and so many grandkids, you can imagine that’s not easy.

I was preparing to turn off my computer, but thought I’d check my comments one last time. So many uplifting and positive messages appeared – most hadn’t been there earlier in the day, so all of a sudden, I received more warm fuzzies, all at once – they were needed and very well received. Thank you to all my blogging buddies on all of my blogs for being so kind and keeping my mom in your prayers.

Slowly but surely, this prayer chain, along with countless others that have been started on my mom’s behalf are helping her during this time. Our family’s thanks goes out to all who are praying and sending kind wishes to us these days.

Thank you for visiting Being Catholic.

M. J.

Photo credit:  The Adoration of the Golden Calf, National Gallery, PD-US
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