Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random Thoughts about Lessons Learned and Blessings Received

by M. J. Joachim

Thank you one and all for your continued prayers, comments and kind wishes this summer. I’m certain all this positive energy has made a difference in all hearts touched by such generosity and love.

I can’t begin to tell you how difficult this summer has been in so many ways. What I can share is that God continues to cradle my heart and hold my hand every step of the way. With His love, there are countless blessings helping to make it all so much easier to bear.

Distance has its privileges. When you know you have to ship things, you tend to choose wisely about what you want to keep. Such was the case when going through my Mom’s things last week. Not everyone was so lucky. Several siblings made a haul. I wish them luck sorting and figuring out where to put things.

Among the brightest blessings was the chance to meet and hold my new great-niece, Lilean. She’s the most precious baby in the world, having been through so much. Not a peep out of her, just love in those tiny, beautiful eyes of this alert and happy three week old. Her Mom still needs our prayers, please. She’s out of the hospital now, but her recovery continues and her health is still very much compromised, with future surgeries pending. 

Change is in the air. I’ve been gluten free for about a month or so now, dairy free for a couple of weeks. It’s amazing how much better I feel. My own health will never be taken for granted again. We have one body, and taking care of it is the only way to go. To that end, I’m joining a gym soon. I’ve been going with my daughter as a guest, but it’s time to sign up so I can go on my own schedule and at my own convenience.

Life happens. In each situation or circumstance, we always have a choice. The best and right answer is, choose love and let everything fall into place as it will. You will never be sorry if you do, and broken hearts mend easier this way.

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M. J.

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