Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Charity and Love are Bound to Prevail

By M. J. Joachim

“Where charity and love prevail, there God is ever found…” This song readily comes to my soul, especially during the holiday season. Which begs the question, “What is true charity, and how can we offer ourselves to make a difference?”

Incorporating charity into our daily lives and routines is what it’s all about – the little things, ones we don’t even think about really, because we’re simply doing what we do. It’s who we are, what we believe in, stand for and the way we live our lives. 

We offer our time, treasure and talent, because when all is said and done, this makes life worth living, creating a legacy of who we were, long after we’ve said our last good-byes and are buried in the ground. This is what lives on in the hearts and souls of those who have been touched by relative, friend or stranger. 

So it is with great pleasure I share the Holiday Food Drive Blogfest with all of you today. We don’t know who will benefit from our actions – could be relatives and friends, but it’s also bound to be a few strangers. People in need who we have a chance to help right here in Blog Land. All because so many bloggers write a post promoting their local food banks, in an effort to help fill the shelves for the holidays. 

You can find out all the details right here. Won’t you join us and help us spread the word, please?

Thank you so much for visiting Being Catholic. I hope you’ll come back and visit again real soon.

M. J.

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