Monday, November 18, 2013

Catholic Popes: Pope Urban I (Our 17th pope)

By M. J. Joachim

The Emperor Alexander Severus seemingly liked Christians during his reign, creating a much welcome period of peace for Pope Urban I, successor to Pope Callistus. Both the emperor and pope reportedly had mild dispositions and were not inclined to stir up trouble without due reason or cause. 

Pope Urban is primarily recognized for converting lots of Christians to the faith and for ordering that liturgical vessels be made of silver, not glass. The schisms of the time continued; Pope Urban I remained true to his predecessors, standing firm in the Church’s opposition to their beliefs. 

Little else is known about Pope Urban I. He is said to be buried near the tomb of Pope Callistus. The faithful invoke him against storms and lightening. Estimated dates of Pope Urban I’s papacy are from 222 – 230.

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