Monday, December 30, 2013

Blind Faith, My Spiritual Journey

By M. J. Joachim

In many ways, I have struggled with my faith in the passing days of 2013. It has been a positive journey by all accounts, one that has left me open to the power of God’s love through life, death and prayer. For this reason, you will see this blog transform, opening up and (hopefully) blossoming, with engaging insights into the power of God’s love, unconfined by constraints and boundaries, which serve only to raise people in the sight of God, diminishing the glory that should be reserved for God alone.

Life is a gift to this world – a gift God Himself gives to all of us. Each person is to be cherished and loved, respected, accepted and valued, made in His image, embraced by His miracles and held up in His honor. Every animal, plant, intangible that He shares with us – a gentle reminder that we are not forsaken, to be lovingly respected, seen in simplicity, complexity and all its grandeur. The boundaries of man cannot and will not lessen any worth the gifts God gave to all.

I am Catholic, a faith I will not deny. I am also a spiritual being who has witnessed the miracle of the season this past Christmas. God is truly in the hearts of all who seek Him, many who no longer or never have identified with the Catholic Church. God is bigger than that – He is more embracing than church walls, more encompassing than restrictions intended to tell us how to live.

God is love. (I devoured this little book when I was a child, fully captured by its simple message, a message permanently engraved in the depths of my heart to this day.) I searched. It must be out of print. It was a simple, small yellow, picture book, a book with few words and a message to be received with open arms and heart.

This blog will continue to explore my Catholic faith. I fully intend to continue research on Church History, Biographies of Catholic Popes and Bible Study posts. However, I also plan to implement spiritual blog hops, inviting you to post and share your own spiritual journey with participants, encouraging others to understand and embrace the infinite love of God as you see it. For if God is truly in each one of us, how can we not invite His gifts of love to this world, to share their love of Him with others? I am open to the community and bonds this will create between us. I am eager to learn and grow in faith through you, as fellow Christians seeking to rest in God for all eternity.

The words stop flowing now. Happy New Year, kind followers. I’ll see you in 2014.

M. J.

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Photo credit: Gluillo Clovio (1498 – 1578), Louvre Museum, The Three Theological Virtues (faith, hope and charity), PD-US