Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bible Verse Reflection Blog Hop

By M. J. Joachim

Reflecting on the Word of God is vitally important for Christians of every denomination. This blog hop offers a unique opportunity for us to discuss the same Bible verse together, on a weekly basis. 

Simply add your blog to the link list provided, and share your reflections in turn.

This week’s verse is: 

Saul replied to Samuel: “I have sinned, for I have disobeyed the command of the Lord and your instructions. In my fear of the people, I did what they said. (1 Samuel, Chapter 15, Verse 24)

Post your reflection beginning Sunday, January 12, 2014. If Sunday doesn’t work for you, Monday or Tuesday will be fine. 

Be sure to visit other blogs reflecting on this verse, to join in the discussion about what this particular verse means.

I’ll be posting another verse for next week’s reflection, at the end of next week’s post, so we can all discuss that one the following week.

Please mention and link to me and my blog in your posts, since I am the host.

Thank you in advance for sharing this post and helping me spread the word about this special blog party. 

It’s a pleasure to receive your visits here on Christian Catholic. Blessings to all!

M. J.

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p.s. This blog was formerly called, Being Catholic. I changed the name of this blog, to more accurately reflect the nature of the community I hope to develop here.

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