Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bible Verse Reflection – Ezekial 31: 13

By M. J. Joachim

The Bible Verse Reflection blog hop did not turn out like I expected. I took it as a sign. Sign-ups remained limited, if at all. One person ended up in the hospital, and was unable to post. Life kept me distracted, sending me in way too many directions simultaneously. Still, I’ve been meaning to share a reflection on this particular verse for quite sometime now. There will be no other verses scheduled for reflection after this, as I will let the inspiration for this blog speak to me as it will, and post accordingly.

Ezekial 31: 13

On its fallen trunk rested all the birds of the air, and by its branches were all the beasts of the field.

The Cross of Jesus comes readily to mind. Funny how my thoughts were so confused when I tried to write about this several times before. Today, it seems so clear.

Even the animals and creatures recognize God as their creator. They bow to him, resting in his spirit, even when his physical body no longer lives. They don’t need science to explain him, or debates to justify him. He is the God of all, omnipotent and true.

Animals are faithful beyond reason. Their innate sense of being, indeed their instincts, teach us how to live without prejudice, and with a sense or predetermined order. Pets don’t expect to explain their master’s dominance. They don’t question the actions of their provider – the person who meets all their needs, including both those of nature and nurture.

It is only the human mind that contemplates the reality of God, only the people who need proof that he exist. 

Yet, if we open our hearts and learn from the animals, they have so much to teach us. They rest with God, whether he is fallen and crucified on the cross, whether he fishes in the seas, teaching his disciples to be fishers of men, or whether he touches their spirits from heaven above. They stay close to him, within the branches of his being, living as one with all the rest of God’s creatures.

Thank you for visiting Christian Catholic today. I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me on this reflection. Maybe I’m making perfect sense to you, or maybe you think I’m way off base. Either way, I’d love to hear from you.

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M. J.

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