Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Teaching Children about Faith

by M. J. Joachim

Children are very curious about life. They need to come to terms with the fact that there is something much bigger than you and I in this world. They want to respect the spiritual life, but sometimes they can't express their feelings about it.

Have you ever been asked why the sky is blue? Has your child ever brought a lizard to you, or tried to catch a butterfly? Perhaps your child has asked whether or not their dog will go to heaven. These are things that involve the spirit.

You can teach your child about spiritual matters in a variety of ways. Taking your child to church is not the only way to introduce them to God, if that is your goal for their spiritual success. If you do take your child to church, don't make it a lesson in staying quiet and being still. Church should be a positive experience, where they can interact with people of faith, who are developing a relationship with a loving creator. If you don't take your child to church, there are several things you can do to help them tap into their spiritual side.

Quiet Reflection

Peace comes to the spirit when we withdraw from the chatter of everyday life. Set aside a time for quietness in your home. Let your child experience stillness for the sake of stillness. Spend a few moments doing absolutely nothing, not even talking, during your busy time of day. Take time to focus on your soul out of importance, not necessity. Your child will learn valuable skills through this activity. Reflections from the spirit are very helpful when times are tough.

Get away from the rat race. Take a drive up to the mountains, far away from power poles, and speeding townspeople. Sit by a running creek, and just listen to the water. Look around, without saying a word, and point to the squirrel running up the tree. Hear the leaves and sticks as they crunch beneath your feet when you walk. Feel the cool, gentle breeze when you zip up your jacket to keep warm.

Laughing with Gusto

Laugh with your child for no particular reason at all. It's contagious, and it feels good. Our spirits are alive. They need to be expressed in each of our emotions. So go ahead, let out a great big belly laugh, and hug your child like there's no tomorrow.

Teaching your children about balance between physical, mental, heartfelt, and spiritual matters is the key in helping them develop a healthy life style. Most of the time, they learn the details from us, as they watch and imitate our actions. Once in a while, they try things on their own. We can feel confident that they will be okay, since we have laid a strong foundation for them.

See the Miracles

Small miracles happen every day. Tune in and share your mini miracle experiences with your child. Encourage your child to do the same. Tell the stories of your world around you through the eyes of faith and awe in what God has created. Share the joy of birds singing, clouds raining and leaves blowing in the wind.

Enjoy Family Love

Your child learns to love from everyone and everything around him. Love is the ultimate gift family members give to each other. True appreciation for each individual expresses the love of God on a very personal level. Even discipline can be handled with love, being less harsh and more educational.

Children are gifts given from God. They grow up to be adults who are also gifts to this world. At least we hope so anyway. Teaching children about faith means being faithful and true - to the gifts of the spirit, to each other, to our children and most especially to God himself.

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M. J.

©2014 All Rights Reserved Photo credit: Fritz von Uhde (1848 - 1911), A Girl Comes to Christ, PD-US